The Swiss Final was held at the Theater Casino in Zug on February 18th, hosted by Raymond Fein.  The winning song was chosen by the votes of 3 regional juries, a press jury, and a jury of “experts”.

1 Sur des musiques qui balancent With music that swings Michel Villa 34 4th
2 Una canzone per sognare A song to dream Nadia Goj 36 3rd
3 Reisefieber Long to travel Carl Nicolas 28 5th=
4 S’envoler pour ailleurs Fly away to somewhere else Alexandra 11 9th
5 Mutter erde Mother earth Chris Lorens 46 2nd
6 Coup d’assomoir A sledgehammer hit Pierette Dufaux 14 8th
7 Déjà vu Déjà vu Silvana Mezzonico 7 10th
8 Wege in der nacht Ways in the night Ann Lomar 28 5th=
9 La voce del mare The voice of the sea Renato Mascetti 26 7th
10 Viver senza tei Living without you Furbaz 60 1st

Furbaz had previously come 3rd in the 1987 Swiss final and 2nd in the 1988 final.  At the Eurovision in Lausanne they came 13th.


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