The Norwegian final was held at the Stavanger Forum on 11th March, hosted by Øystein Bache. The winner was chosen by 5 juries in two rounds of voting – the first to select the top 3 and the second to select the winner. The juries were an “expert” jury, a jury of journalists and 3 juries containing members of the public split according to their ages.

1 Beat for beat Beat for beat Heidi Halvorsen

2 Til det gryr av dag Till the day will come Tor Endresen 57 2nd
3 Venners nærhet The closeness of friends Britt Synnøve Johansen 62


4 Vinger over Europa Wings over Europe Rune Rudberg

5 Et lite lys A little light Ingeborg Hungnes 56


6 Min Mona Lisa My Mona Lisa Ola Fjellvikås

7 Barneøyne Children’s eyes Kari Gjærum

8 Optimist Optimist Jahn Teigen

9 Nærhet Closeness Kate Gulbrandsen

Tor Endresen Kari Gjærum Jahn Teigen Kate Gulbrandsen

Britt Synnøve Johansen came 17th at the ESC. Tor Endresen was a backing singer for Norway in ESC 1988. Kari Gjærum was a backing singer for Norway in ESC 1981, 1984, 1985 & 1986. Jahn Teigen represented Norway in ESC 1978, 1982 & 1983, while Kate Gulbrandsen represented Norway in 1987.


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