Portuguese National Final 1988


The Portuguese Final was held on March 7th at the RTP TV Studios in Lisbon, hosted by Ana Paula Reis, Valentina Torres & António Sequeira. Before the final there was a semi-final. The winning song was chosen by an “expert” jury and only the winner was announced. It is rumoured that José Gonçalo came 2nd.

The Semifinal

The Portuguese Semi-Final was held on March 7th at the Casino in Figuera da Foz, hosted by Ana do Carmo. The winning song was chosen by the votes of an “expert” jury.

1 Se calhar Perhaps Nucha


2 Por te querer assim Because I want you like this Tó Leal


3 Tarde demais Too late Ana Cristina


4 O teu cheiro Your smell António Guerreiro


5 Nono andar 9th floor Ana E Suas Irmãs


6 Déjà vu Déjà vu Dora


7 Uma noite ao teu lado A night by your side António Antunes


8 Amazónia Amazon Midus




The Grand final

1 Até perder a voz Until losing the voice Glória

2 Quando a noite se faz certa When the night is certain Luís Duarte

3 Encontro imediato Immediate encounter Tó Leal

4 Déjà-vu Déjà-vu Dora

5 Cai neve em Nova-Iorque It’s snowing in New York José Gonçalo

6 Voltarei I will return Dora 1st

Dora previously represented Portugal in 1986. At the ESC she was equal 18th.


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