Greek National Final 1988

Afrodite Frida

The Greek Final was held on March 28th in the Municipal Theater of Pireas, hosted by Kostas Karras. The winning song was chosen by an “expert” jury. Only the winner was announced.

1 Ah, ourane Oh, heaven Yiannis Dimitras & Evdokia
2 Kloun Clown Afrodite Frida
3 Gia sena mono zo I live only for you Yiorgos Melekis & Elektra
4 To iremistiko The tranquilliser Christos Callow
5 An If Angela Dimitriou
6 To sinenetiko Consenting Christos Gatsos
7 Xehasmeni balada Forgotten ballad Stelios Stavrakis
8 Hic Hiccup Aggeliki Bazigou

Yiannis Dimitras

Yiannis Dimitras

Christos Callow

Christos Callow

Afrodite Frida came 17th at the ESC. Yiannis Dimitras represented Greece in 1981.


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