Swiss National Final 1988

Céline Dion
Céline Dion

The Swiss Final was held on February 6th at the Théâtre de Beausorbet in Morges, hosted by Serge Moisson. The winning song was chosen by 3 regional juries, a press jury and a jury of “experts”.

1 Muet Courage Hertz 14


2 Clown dans la sciure Clown in the sawdust Isabelle Alba 13


3 L’isola The island Renato Mascetti 35


4 Balalaika in der sommernacht Balalaika in the summer night Bernadette 24


5 Sentiments Feelings Furbaz 37


6 Tu sei You are Cocktail Band 30


7 Prisonnier de l’amour Prisoner of love Gemo 23


8 Gibt es auf der welt denn keine liebe mehr? Isn’t there any more love left on earth? Manuela Felice 10


9 Ne partez pas sans moi Don’t leave without me Céline Dion 44


Céline Dion went on to win ESC 1988.


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