Tommy Körberg

Tommy Körberg

The Swedish final was held on February 27th at the Malmö Stadsteater, hosted by Bengt Grafström. The 12 songs were reduced to 6 finalists before the winner was chosen by 11 regional juries.


1 Säg är det sant Say it is true Karin Ljung & Michael Nannini

2 Nästa weekend Next weekend Uffe Persson

3 Dansa med vindarna Dance with the winds All of a sudden 26


4 Måndag i mitt liv Monday in my life Billy Gezon

5 Bang, en explosion Bang, an explosion Haakon Pedersen 33


6 I en ding ding värld In a mad mad world Annica Burman 19


7 Kärlek är Love is Sten Nilsson & Nilssonettes

8 Om igen Once again Lena Philipsson 55


9 Det är kärlek It is love Siw Malmkvist

10 Bara du och jag Only you and me Paul Rein

11 Stad i ljus City of light Tommy Körberg 84


12 100% 100% Lotta Engberg + Triple & Touch 47



Siw Malmkvist Lotta Engberg + Triple & Touch


Tommy Körberg previously represented Sweden in the 1969 ESC, as well as taking part in the Swedish Semi-Final of 1971. At the ESC, he came 12th equal. Siw Malmkvist represented Sweden in ESC 1960 & Germany in 1969. Lotta Engberg represented Sweden in ESC 1987 and was a backing singer for Sweden in ESC 1984.


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