Lasse Holm & Monica Törnell

Lasse Holm & Monica Törnell

The Swedish Final was held on March 22nd at the Cirkus in Stockholm, hosted by Lennart Swahn & Tommy Engstrand. The 10 songs were presented as videoclips, and after 5 finalists were chosen, these songs were performed ‘live’.  The winning song was chosen by 9 groups of people, the groups being split according to the age of its members.


1 ABCD ABCD Dan Tillberg

2 Du förför mig You seduce me Git Persson

3 Dover-Calais Dover-Calais Style 33


4 E’ de’ det här du kallar kärlek Is it this you call love Lasse Holm & Monica Törnell 64


5 ABC ABC Anna Book 24


6 Eldorado Eldorado Sound of Music 25


7 Jag har en dröm I have a dream Baden-Baden

8 Fem i tolv Five to twelve Fredrik

9 Kärleken är evig Love is eternal Lena Philipsson 42


10 Stopp stopp stanna Stop stop stay Karin Risberg


Lasse Holm previously came joint 1st in the 1978 Swedish Final, 4th in 1980 (in the group Chips) and 2nd in 1981 (in the group Sweets ‘n’ Chips). At the ESC, Lasse & Monica came 5th.


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