“Don’t be so bad to me, I just want you”

The Portuguese Final was held on March 22nd, hosted by Henrique Mendes & Maria Helena. Each of the four Portuguese Television districts (Ponta Delgada, Funchal, Porto & Lisbon) submitted 3 songs and the songs were broadcast from these regional studios as video clips. The winning song was chosen by the votes of an “expert” jury and only the top 3 songs were announced.


1 No vapor da madrugada In the vapour of daybreak Grupo Rimanço 2nd=
2 Canção para José da Lata Song for José da Lata Carlos Alberto Moniz & A Banda

3 Cais de encontro Meeting quay Luís Bettencourt

4 Tango da meia-noite Midnight tango Luís Filipe

5 Um amor, uma ilha One love, one island Paulo Ferraz

6 Quebrar a distância Breaking the distance Sérgio Borges

7 Dessa juras que se fazem Those oaths we say Né Ladeiras

8 Tigres de bengala The cane tigers Trabalhadores do Comércio 2nd=
9 Cinzas e mel Ashes and honey Gabriela Schaaf

10 Rápidamente Rapidly Lara Li

11 Não sejas mau para mim Don’t be so bad to me Dora


12 Uma balada de amor A love ballad





Dora came 14th at the ESC. Fá represented Portugal in ESC 1982 (in the group ‘Doce’).


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