The German Final was held on March 27th at the German Theatre in Munich, hosted by Sabrina Lallinger & Wenche Myhre. The winning song was chosen by the votes of approximately 500 people who were chosen by an institute to be representative of the German population.

1 Telefon Telephone That’s life 2011 12th
2 Du bist der Wind, der meine Flügel trägt You are the wind, that carries my wings Günther-Eric Thöner 2893


3 Wir gehör’n zusammen We belong together Dschinghis Khan Family 4088


4 Über die Brücke geh’n Cross the bridge Ingrid Peters 4236


5 Clowns Clowns Clowns 3597


6 Ich habe niemals nie gesagt I have never said never Steffi Hinz 2769 10th
7 Rein und klar wie’s früher war Obvious and clear just like in the old days Mister Fisto 2102 11th
8 Europa Europe Headline 3871


9 Der Sonne entgegen Towards the sun Margit P. 2923


10 Die Engel sind auch nicht mehr das was sie war’n The angels are not what they used to be Chris Heart & Band 4027


11 Miteinander With each other Fleming & Berry 3989


12 Kopf oder Zahl Heads or tails Tie Break 3118



Dschinghis Khan Family

Dschinghis Khan Family

Joy Fleming

Joy Fleming

Marc Berry

Marc Berry

Ingrid Peters previously came 8th in the 1979 German Final & 2nd in 1983. At the ESC, she was 8th. Dschinghis Khan represented Germany in ESC 1979, (Joy) Fleming in ESC 1975 & (Marc) Berry represented Austria in ESC 1980 in the group ‘Blue Danube’.


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