The Danish Final was held at the DR-TV Studios in Copenhagen on February 22nd, hosted by Jørgen Mylius. The 10 songs were reduced to 5 finalists before the winner was chosen by 5 regional juries.


1 Mirakler Miracles Keld & Hilda Heick 14


2 Du er fuld af løgn You are full of lies Lise Haavik 29


3 Si’ det er mig Say that it’s me J.P. West

4 Dig og mig You and I Lotte Rømer

5 Fællessang i parken Community singing in the park Brødrene Olsen

6 Hvis nu lykken findes If happiness exists Lecia Jønsson

7 Sig det som det er Tell it like it is Kirsten & Søren 17


8 Syng en sang Sing a song Lørdagskyllingerne

9 Vild med eventyr Crazy about fairytales Fenders 20


10 Vil du med Do you want to come Birthe Kjær 25



Lise Haavik previously came 6th in the 1984 Danish Final and 3rd in 1985 (in the duo Trax). At the ESC, she was 6th. Kirsten & Søren represented Denmark in ESC 1984 & 1985.



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