The Belgian Final was held on March 2nd at the RTBF TV Studios in Brussels, hosted by Patrick Duhamel. The winning song was chosen by an “expert” jury (50%) and 500 TV-Viewers (50%). Only the winner was announced.  

1 Toi You Michel Almann

2 Tope-la It’s a deal Axel Faye

3 Tout, je te donne tout Everything, I give you everything Formule II

4 Mon pays c’est la terre The earth is my country Elisabeth Granec

5 Chante avec nous Sing with us Dino Lizi

6 SOS SOS Makof

7 J’aime la vie I love life Sandra Kim 1st
8 L’aventure c’est toi You are the adventure Toxic

9 Au-delà de nos rêves Beyond our dreams Jean-Claude Watrin

Sandra Kim went on to win ESC 1986.


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