Mary Roos

Mary Roos

The German Final was held on March 29th at the German Theatre in Munich, hosted by Sabine Sauer. Before the final, there were 2 semi-finals. The winning song was chosen by the votes of approximately 500 people who were chosen by an institute to be representative of the German population.


1 Oh, i woas net Oh, I don’t know everything Cosi & Relax 2949


2 Als die Erde war geboren When the earth was born Jürgen Renfordt 3035


3 Tingel Tangel Mann Tingel Tangel Man Harmony Four 3852


4 Halt mich fest Hold me tight Madeleine 2674 11th
5 Hier ist einer zuviel There is one too many Helmut Frey 3072


6 Jeder muß sein Leben leben Everyone must live their life Giorgia Lauda 3350


7 Wo warst Du, als ich starb Where were you, when I died Frank Daniel 2699 10th
8 Aufrecht geh’n Standing tall Mary Roos 4124


9 Primaballerina Primaballerina Pas de Bas 2599 12th
10 Mensch aus Glas Person made of glass Monitor 3754


11 Niemand Nobody Anne Karin 3669


12 Liebe ist Love is Bernhard Brink 4003


Mary Roos had already represented Germany in ESC 1972. She also came 2nd in the 1970 German Final & 3rd in 1975. At the ESC she came equal 13th.


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