Carola Häggkvist

Carola Häggkvist

The Swedish Final was held on February 26th at the Palladium in Malmö, hosted by Bibi Johns.  The 10 songs were reduced to 5 finalists, and the winner was chosen by the votes of 11 regional juries.


1 Marionett Marionette Ritz 34 4th
2 Här är min sång till dig Here is my song for you Kerstin Dahlberg

3 Se Look Karin Glenmark 37 3rd
4 Varför är kärleken röd Why is love red Kikki Danielsson 45 2nd
5 Vill du ha mig efter gryningen Do you want me after dawn Peter Lundblad & Agneta Olsson

6 Nu börjar jag mitt liv Now I start my life Karina Rydberg

7 Bara en enda gång Just one time Ann-Louise Hanson & John Ballard 27 5th
8 Okey, jag ger mig OK, I give up Maria Wickman

9 Värmen som du gav The warmth you gave Nils-Åke Runeson

10 Främling Stranger Carola Häggkvist 88 1st


Kikki Danielsson represented Sweden in 1982 as half of the group Chips.  Carola came 3rd at the Eurovision.


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