The Norwegian Semi-Finals were hosted by Harald Tusberg. The winning song in each semi-final was chosen by postcard voting.

Semi-Final 1

1 Løp Run Brannvesenet 2nd
2 Lady Di Lady Di Inger Lise Rypdal


Semi-Final 2

1 Uflaks Bad luck Stein Ingebrigtsen 2nd
2 Lisa Lisa Trond Granlund


Semi-Final 3

1 Perfekte engel The perfect angel Alex


2 Ung og fri Young and free Marius Müller 2nd

Semi-Final 4

1 Åi Oh Frank Aleksandersen 2nd
2 Vi får, vi gir, vi går, vi blir We get, we give, we go, we stay Eigil Berg


Semi-Final 5

1 Det er deg jeg skal ha It’s you I’m going to have Dollie


2 Lille mann Little man Bente Müller 2nd

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