The German semi-final was broadcast on several radio stations, and around 500 people were selected by a German polling institute to select the 12 finalists. The semi-final was in two separate parts which were broadcast on different days, however it is not known which songs took part in which part, so the songs are presented here in alphabetical order.

1 Al Capone Al Capone Chicago Gang

2 Angelo Angelo Harry Belten F
3 Computerspiele Computer games Ute Berling

4 Daddy’s Dattelmonopol Daddy’s monopoly of dates Sina

5 Enorm in Form Enormously in shape Enorm in Form feat. Rosi Mittermaier

6 Hände Hands Sarena Lark

7 Ich mag dich I like you Costa Cordalis F
8 Ich reiß’ alle Mauern ein I break down all the walls Leinemann F
9 Männer Men Dorthe Kollo

10 Mein Hit heißt Susi Schmidt My hit is called Susi Schmidt Holger Thomas F
11 Mit siebzehn At the age of 17 Bernd Clüver F
12 Nikotin Nicotine Lilli Berlin

13 Oh, Norma Jean Oh, Norma Jean Angelika Milster

14 Rücksicht Consideration Hoffmann & Hoffmann F
15 Schoko-Schätzchen Chocolate-darling René

16 Sternenland Land of stars Mara F
17 Tanzstunde Dancing lesson Der Wilde Jürgen

18 Unendlich weit Infinitely far Veronika Fischer F
19 Viva la Mamma The mother lives Ingrid Peters & July Paul F
20 Vor Engeln wird gewarnt Pay attention to angels Tommy Amper

21 Warum hältst du mich nicht fest Why don’t you hold me Angela Branca F
22 Wie ein Mann Just like a man Peter Rubin F
23 Willst du, dass ich wiederkomm’ Do you want me to come back Jürgen Renfordt

24 Wir beide gegen den Wind The two of us against the wind Wencke Myhre & Sohn Dani F

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