The German Final was held on March 20th at the BR TV Studios in Munich, hosted by Caroline Reiber. Before the final, there were 2 semi-finals. The winning song was chosen by the votes of approximately 500 people who were chosen by an institute to be representative of the German population.

1 Der Ohrwurm The ear worm Gottlieb Wendehals 2029 11th
2 Ich glaub’ an meine Träume I believe in my dreams Séverine 2717 10th
3 Wie Phönix aus der Asche Like a phoenix from the ashes Jennifer Kemp 1965 12th
4 Schenk’ mir eine Nacht Give me one night Mel Jersey 3227


5 So wie du bist The way you are Gaby Baginsky 2802


6 Blue-Jeans-Kinder Blue-Jeans-Children Marianne Rosenberg 2862


7 Lady Lady Mary Roos & David Hanselmann 3358


8 Peter Pan Peter Pan Paola 4318


9 Die Nacht der Lüge The night of lies Denise 3799


10 Nun sag’ schon Adieu Say farewell now Hannes Schöner 3914


11 Ich würde gerne bei dir sein I would love to be with you Jürgen Marcus 3439


12 Ein bisschen Frieden A little peace Nicole 5116


Nicole went on to win the ESC. Séverine won the 1971 ESC for Monaco, Mary Roos represented Germany in 1972, Jürgen Marcus represented Luxembourg in 1976 and Paola represented Switzerland in 1969 and 1980.


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