All of the semi-finals were held at the American Theatre in Brussels, hosted by Luc Appermont. An “expert” jury chose the best song by each singer/group to go forward to the final.

Semi-Final 1 – February 19th (female singers)

1 Als je droomt van liefde When you dream of love Yvette Ravell F
2 Herinneringen Memories Yvette Ravell

3 Niemand weet Nobody knows Yvette Ravell

4 Love, liebe Love Marina Marcia

5 Goodbye to love Goodbye to love Marina Marcia

6 Tic-Tac Tic-Tac Marina Marcia F
7 Zondagochtend Sunday morning Sofie

8 Nummer een Number one Sofie F
9 Ik wil enkel van je houden I only want to love you Sofie

Semi-Final 2 – February 26th (male singers)

1 Verliefd op twee In love with two Gene Summer

2 Vlaanderen Flanders Gene Summer

3 Zonder wikken en wegen Without thinking any further Gene Summer F
4 Stop Stop Bart Kaëll

5 Symfonie Symphony Bart Kaëll F
6 Primaballerina Primaballerina Bart Kaëll

7 Gisteren Yesterday Wim de Craene

8 Kristien Kristien Wim de Craene F
9 Het exuberante leven van Leentje de Vries The exuberant life of Leentje de Vries Wim de Craene

Semi-Final 3 – March 5th (groups)

1 Addio Addio Goodbye goodbye Venus

2 Bye Bye Scoubidou Bye Bye Scoubidou Venus F
3 Boemerang Boomerang Venus

4 Rij je mee? Do you drive with me? Espresso

5 Het regent It’s raining Espresso

6 Love Love Espresso F
7 Hartedief – Cardio Cleptomanie Darling – Cardio Cleptomania Pas de Deux

8 Rendez-vous Rendez-vous Pas de Deux F
9 Celo Cello Pas de Deux


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