The Turkish Final was held on February 9th at the TRT TV Studios in Ankara, hosted by Bülent Özveren. The songs had been previewed several times on Turkish TV during December 1974 & January 1975. The winner was chosen by a mixture of postcard voting and an “expert” jury – Ali Riza Binboga won the postcard vote. There were two songs announced as being in 1st, 2nd & 3rd places. To decide which song would represent Turkey in the ESC the two winning singers were given 2 envelopes to choose between – one of the envelopes containing the message “the song which will represent Turkey in Sweden”. Semiha Yanki chose the lucky envelope.

1 Anilar Memories Ugur Akdora

2 Cani sikilan adam The man who is bored Esin Afsar

3 Böyle mi baslar Does it start like that Yesim

4 Dilenci Beggar Atilla Atasoy


5 Bir gün karsilasirsak If we happen to meet one day Gökhan Abur

6 Delisin You are mad Cici Kizlar


7 Özlenen sevgi The missing love Cahit Oben

8 Günahsizlar Innocents Iskender Dogan

9 Minik kus Sweet bird Füsün Önal


10 Çiçekler Flowers Zerrin Yasar

11 Caniko Honey Nejat & Reha

12 Mümkün degil It’s not possible Serter Bagcan


13 Hayalimdeki adam The man in my dreams Yeliz


14 Yarin Tomorrow Ali Riza Binboga

15 Seninle bir dakika One minute with you Semiha Yanki


Semiha Yanki came 19th at the ESC.


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