The Swiss Final was held on February 21st at the Palladium in Geneva, hosted by Jean-Pierre Pastori.  The winning song was chosen by the votes of 3 regional juries, a press jury and a jury of “experts”.

1 Io senza te Me without you Peter, Sue & Marc 30 1st
2 Du fehlst mir I miss you Rose Brown 13 5th
3 Comme l’eau de la mer Like the water in the sea Pascal Auberson 16 4th
4 Io I Ireen Indra 21 3rd
5 San Gottardo St. Gotthard Swiss Union 25 2nd
6 Una cosa meravigliosa A wonderful thing Mariella Farré 6 6th

Peter, Sue & Marc had already represented Switzerland in 1971, 1976 and 1979.  They also took part in the Swiss Finals of 1973 (3rd=), 1974 (2nd) and 1975 (2nd), as well as the 1978 German Final (3rd).  At the Eurovision, they came 4th.


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