The Swiss Final was held on January 27th. There were meant to be 8 songs in the contest, but “Amour, on t’aime” by Alain Morisod & Son Groupe was withdrawn as the group had recently split up – the song however would return in the 1982 Swiss Final. The winning song was chosen by the votes of 3 regional juries, a press jury and a jury of “experts”.

1 Musik musik Music music Biggi Bachmann 15


2 Dieci cuori Ten hearts Rita Pavone 21


3 Moi je viens d’un pays I come from a country Groupe Atlas 23


4 Senza te Without you Salvo Ingrassia 11


5 Trödler und Co. Junk dealers and companions Peter, Sue & Marc + Pfuri, Gorps & Kniri 37


6 Shake hands Shake hands Ruby Manila 22


7 La nostra favola Our fairytale Sandro Caroli 16


Biggi Bachmann was chosen to represent Liechtenstein in the 1976 ESC with the song “Little cowboy”, however Liechtenstein was unable to participate as they didn’t have their own TV station. Peter, Sue & Marc + Pfuri, Gorps & Kniri came 10th at the ESC. Peter, Sue & Marc had already represented Switzerland in ESC 1971 & 1976. They also took part in the Swiss Finals of 1973 (3rd=), 1974 (2nd) & 1975 (2nd) as well as the 1978 German Final (3rd).


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