The Swiss Final was held on February 16th at the DRS TV Studios in Berne. The winner was chosen by a combination of public voting, a press jury and and “experts” jury. Only the placings of the songs are known.

1 Je vais me marier Marie I’m getting married Marie Patrick Juvet


2 Lass der jugend ihre liebe Let the youngsters have their love Britt Tobler


3 Es kommt ein tag A day will come Peter, Sue & Marc 3rd=
4 Quand on revient d’ailleurs When one returns from someplace else Henri Dès 3rd=
5 L’amour s’en vient, l’amour s’en va Love comes, loves goes Michel Bühler


6 Brakata-Tunga Brakata-Tunga Gil & Leonia


7 Si tu t’en vas If you go away Claude Prélo


8 Le vent qui soufflait ce matin The wind that was blowing this morning Mady Rudaz


9 Il vecchio orologio The old clock Yor Milano


Patrick Juvet came 12th at the ESC. Peter, Sue & Marc represented Switzerland in ESC 1971, while Henri Dès did the same in 1970.

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