Anne-Karine Strøm

Anne-Karine Strøm

The Norwegian Final was held on February 16th at the NRK TV Studios in Oslo, hosted by Vidar Lønn-Arnesen. Each of the songs were performed twice, once with a small band and once with an orchestra. The winner was chosen by the votes of 14 members of the public who gave each song 1-5 points.

1 Hvor er du Where are you Jahn Teigen Anne-Karine Strøm 48


2 Lys og mørke Light and darkness Dag Spantell Ellen Nikolaysen 44


3 Syng en liten melodi Sing a little song Anne Lise Gjøstøl Grethe Kausland & Dizzie Tunes 46


4 Hvem Who Lillian Harriet Gro Anita Schønn 29


5 Yo-Yo Yo-Yo Kirsti Sparboe & Kjersti Døvigen Inger Lise Rypdal & Stein Ingebrigtsen 34


Ellen Nikolaysen Grethe Kausland Kirsti Sparboe & Kjersti Døvigen

Anne-Karine Strøm previously represented Norway in ESC 1973 (in the group ‘Bendik Singers’). She also came 10th in the 1971 Norwegian Final & 4th in 1972. At the ESC she sang the song in English as “The first day of love” and was equal 14th. Ellen Nikolaysen also represented Norway in ESC 1973 as one of the Bendik Singers. Grethe Kausland represented Norway in ESC 1972 while Kirsti Sparboe represented Norway in ESC 1965, 1967 & 1969.


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