The German Final was held on February 20th at the SWF in Baden Baden – the contest was only broadcast on the radio, hosted by Detlef Werner. The winner was due to be chosen by the radio listeners (who would make up one third of the vote) and an “expert” jury (who would make up two thirds of the vote). However, the “experts” thought that none of the songs were good enough to represent Germany in the Eurovision and recommended that Germany withdraw from the contest. The SWF did not agree with this, and the winner was chosen by the radio listeners who awarded the songs a mark between 1-10.

1 Was die Sterne lenkt What links the stars Cindy & Bert 5.15


2 Lieder die aus dem Radio klingen Songs coming from the radio Jochen Brauer Group 4.07 11th
3 Nein, weinen werd’ ich nicht No, I won’t cry Marianne Rosenberg 5.03


4 Susann Susanne Andy Norden 3.81 14th
5 Mädchen wie Helena Girls like Helena Tony 4.51


6 Komm und bleib die Nacht bei mir Come and stay the night with me Albatross 4.16 10th
7 Männer wie du Men like you Helena 3.98 12th
8 Charlie Chaplin Charlie Chaplin Peter, Sue & Marc 5.31


9 Kennst du die Zeit Do you know the time Brunhilde Lamberty 3.70 15th
10 Ich trag’ deinen Namen I carry your name Freya & Bernd Wippich 3.91 13th
11 Liverpool Liverpool Sunrise 5.34


12 Louisiana Louisiana Jonny Hill 4.90


13 Feuer Fire Ireen Sheer 5.56


14 Chanson d’été Summer song Cindy & Bert 5.30


15 Ein Lied für Europa A song for Europe Royal Brewery 5.04


Ireen Sheer previously represented Luxembourg in ESC 1974 & came 8th in the 1976 German Final. At the ESC she was 6th. Cindy & Bert represented Germany in 1974. Peter, Sue & Marc represented Switzerland in ESC 1971 & 1976.


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