There were 9 semi-finals, each consisting of 10 songs by 10 artists. The songs were voted on by an “expert” jury and by postcard voting. The top 3 songs of the jury and the winner of the postcard voting went on to the next semi-final. The other artists would try again in the next semi-final with another song. To make it to the final you had to “survive” three semi-finals. The songs from the semi-finals are presented below .

1 Dag vreemde man Hello strange man Ann Christy F
2 De kinderen rond mijn huis The children around my house Ann Christy

3 Een zilveren kooi A silver cage Ann Christy

4 Met Mona Lisa With Mona Lisa Ron Davis

5 Alles wordt oranje Everything turns orange Joe Harris F
6 Jij bent mijn engel You are my angel Joe Harris

7 Er gaat altijd een trein There is always a train going Nicole Josy & Hugo Sigal

8 Goeie morgen, morgen Good morning, morning Nicole Josy & Hugo Sigal


9 Mijn hele leven My whole life Nicole Josy & Hugo Sigal

10 Vroeg of laat Sooner or later Kalinka


11 Wil je soms weten Do you want to know Kalinka 

12 Peleton….vuur Squad….fire Kate’s Kennel

13 Die ring  The ring Micha Marah F
14 Ik ben zeventien  I am seventeen Micha Marah  F
15 Tamboerke Tambourine-man Micha Marah  F
16 Weegschaal zoekt waterman Libra searches for Aquarius Micha Marah 

17 Als je terugkomt When you come back Mary Porcelijn F
18 Lachen To laugh Mary Porcelijn F
19 Weet je nog wie ik ben Do you still know who I am Mary Porcelijn F
20 Brugge Brugge Johan Stollz

21 Cora danst de Hora Cora dances the Hora Johan Stollz

22 Immigrant Immigrant Johan Stollz


23 Je maakt me stapelgek You drive me completely crazy Johnny White

24 Te mooi om waar te zijn Too good to be true Johnny White 

25 Verloren hart, verloren droom Lost heart, lost dream Johnny White F

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