The Yugoslav Final was held at the Delavski Dom in Trbovlje on February 5th, hosted by Helena Koder. The winning song was chosen by the votes of 4 regional juries, at the end of which there was a tie between Sabahudin Kurt & Marjana Derzaj. Sabahudin Kurt was chosen as the winner as he received more top marks than Marjana Derzaj. If you have any more of the voting results then please mail me: national_finals@hotmail.com

1 Vece Evening Bosko Orobovic ?


2 Oka tvog da nema If it wasn’t for your eye Krsta Petrovic 1


3 Kakor bela snezinka Like a white snowflake Stane Mancini 3


4 Njen prvi ples Her first dance Ivo Robic 0


5 Zivot je sklopio krug Life has closed its circle Sabahudin Kurt ? 1st=
6 Tragom zvezda Following the stars Lola Novakovic ?


7 Zlati April Golden April Marjana Derzaj ? 1st=
8 Odluci se Decide Arsen Dedic ?


Sabahudin Kurt came equal 13th at the ESC. Lola Novakovic represented Yugoslavia in ESC 1962.


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