Siw Malmkvist

The German Final was held on February 22nd at TV Studios in Frankfurt, hosted by Marie-Louise Steinbauer. The winning song was chosen by a jury of 11 people. The winner was chosen in two rounds of voting – the first to select the best song by each singer and the second to select the winner.

1 Dein Comeback zu mir Your comeback to me Siw Malmkvist 2

2 Lady Julia Lady Julia Rex Gildo 4

3 Karussell meiner Liebe Carousel of my love Peggy March 1

4 Melodie Melody Siw Malmkvist 4

5 Die beste Idee meines Lebens The best idea of my life Rex Gildo 7 0


6 Aber die Liebe bleibt bestehen But love remains Peggy March 4

7 Primaballerina Primaballerina Siw Malmkvist 5 7


8 Festival der jungen Liebe The festival of young love Rex Gildo 0

9 Hey, das ist Musik für mich Hey, that is music for me Peggy March 6 4


Siw Malmkvist previously represented Sweden in ESC 1960. She also took part in the 1959 & 1961 Swedish Finals and came 2nd in the 1962 German Final. At the ESC she was equal 9th.


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