The Finnish Semi-Final was broadcast on both the TV and radio. The public voted for their favourite by postcards and the 6 songs with the highest number of votes went forward to the final.

1 Pianonsoittaja The piano player Erkki Liikanen

2 Tulen jälkeen After the fire Iris Rautio

3 Satelliitti kahdelle A satellite for two Kai Lind


4 Kerran viel’ Once again Irmeli Mäkelä


5 Laiskotellen It’s nice to be lazy Lasse Mårtenson


6 Toisen kerran Another time Heikki Aarva


7 Tango keittiössä A tango in the kitchen Vieno Kekkonen

8 Unen ihme A miracle of a dream Stig Fransman

9 Bzzz bzzz bzzz Bzzz bzzz bzzz Pirkko Mannola


10 Rakkauden rikkaus The richness of love Taisto Tammi


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