The Finnish Final was held on February 22nd at the YLE TV Studios in Helsinki, hosted by Tauno Vainio. The winning song was chosen by postcard voting.

1 Tuntematon sydämeni My unknown heart Marion Rung 1760 6th
2 Vaari sirkuksessa Grandad at the circus Viktor Klimenko 36880 3rd
3 Potkis Potkis Laila Kinnunen 17100 4th
4 Sanoin With words Markku Aro 5260 5th
5 Maailman pihamaat The backyards of the world Katri Helena 42160 2nd
6 Kuin silloin ennen Like in the old times Jarkko & Laura 85040 1st

Jarkko & Laura came 12th at the Eurovision. Laila Kinnunen had represented Finland in 1961, Marion Rung in 1962 and Viktor Klimenko in 1965.


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