The Finnish Final was held on February 10th at the YLE TV Studios in Helsinki, hosted by Liisa Horelli. The winning song was chosen by postcard voting.

1 Niin kuin jokainen Like everyone Inga Sulin



2 On hetki A time in life Aarno Raninen 60279 3rd
3 Sanoja kuulemaan jään Stop to listen to the words Anki Lindqvist



4 Kun kello käy As the clocks tick by Kristiina Hautala 159667 1st
5 Kissankellojen aikaan When harebells blossom Johnny 113067 2nd
6 Pois kuihtuu ruusu kaunein The most beautiful rose fades Irina Milan 51597 4th

Kristiina Hautala came 16th equal at the Eurovision.

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