Dutch National Final 1970

The Dutch Final was held on February 11th at the Congresgebouw in The Hague, hosted by Pim Jacobs. The winning song was chosen by a national jury and an international jury.

1 Julia Julia Ben Cramer 1 4th=
2 Ik lach om je liefde I laugh at you love Ine van den Berg 0 7th=
3 Illusie Illusion Rosita Bloom 1 4th=
4 Spanje Spain Tony Anderson 0 7th=
5 Voorbij is de winter The winter is gone Sandra Reemer 0 7th=
6 Linda Linda D.C. Lewis 2 3rd
7 Okido OK Joke Bruijs 1 4th=
8 Het spinnewiel The spinning wheel Saskia & Serge 5 2nd
9 Waterman Aquarius Hearts of Soul 6 1st
10 Manna Manna Bonnie St. Claire 0 7th=

Hearts of Soul came 7th at the Eurovision.


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