Dutch National Final 1969

The Dutch Final was held on 26th February at the Circustheater  in Scheveningen, hosted by Pim Jacobs. The winning song was chosen by a national jury and an international jury.

1 Zoek het niet te ver Don’t search for it too far away Annet Hesterman 2 4th
2 Als een donderslag Like a thunderstorm John Lamers 0 8th=
3 De troubadour The minstrel Lenny Kuhr 7 1st
4 Heartbeat Heartbeat Anneke Grönloh 1 5th=
5 Haat me niet Don’t hate me Frankie Luyten 0 8th=
6 Jij alleen Only you Patricia Paay 1 5th=
7 Zaterdagavondshow Saturday night show Rob de Nijs 0 8th=
8 Goodbye my love Goodbye my love Linda Ross 1 5th=
9 Niets gaat zo snel Nothing goes that fast Dave 3 3rd
10 De toeteraar The hornplayer Conny Vink 6 2nd

Lenny Kuhr went on to be one of the joint winners of ESC 1969. Anneke Grönloh represented the Netherlands in 1964.


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