Dutch National Final 1965

The Dutch Final was held on February 13th at Concordia in Bussum, hosted by Teddy Scholten who had won the 1959 Eurovision. There were 5 semi-finals before the final. The winning song was chosen by a jury of 31 people containing journalists, employees of NTS (the organising broadcasting company) and people chosen from the audience.

1 Waar de wind de zomer vindt Where the wind finds the summer Gert Timmerman 1 5th
2 Het is genoeg It is enough Conny van den Bosch 13 1st
3 Ploem ploem jenka Ploem ploem jenka Trea Dobbs 6 3rd
4 Geweldig Great Ronnie Tober 8 2nd
5 Blijf bij mij Stay with me Shirley 3 4th

Conny van den Bosch came 11th at the Eurovision. She had already taken part in the 1962 Dutch Final.


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