The Bosnian Final was held on February 28th at the Bosnian TV Studios in Sarajevo, hosted by Ismeta Krvavac who was the lead singer of the group Ambasadori that represented Yugoslavia in 1976. The song “Zapleši” by the group Nina was presented as a video-clip as the singers weren’t able to get to the TV Studios. The winning song was chosen by an “expert” jury – only the winner was announced, but it is rumoured that Alma Cardzic came 2nd.

1 Sva bol svijeta All the pain in the world Muhamed Fazlagic
2 Ti i ja You and I Monia Sušac
3 Srce Evrope Heart of Europe Grupa Izvodaca
4 Zapleši Dance Grupa Nina
5 Vrijeme ljubavi Time of love Fuad Buzadzic
6 Monroe Monroe Drazen Zeric
7 Raspored zvijezda The constallation of stars Davorin Popovic
8 Svi na ulice Everyone on the street Alma Cardzic
9 Bosna ce još pjevati Bosnia will sing Edo & Adi Mulahalilovic
10 Mona Liza Mona Lisa Selver Brdaric
11 Ljeto i maline Summer and raspberries Alen Mustafic

Muhamed Fazlagic came 16th at the ESC.


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