The Belgian Final was held on February 13th, presented by Nand Baert. All of the songs were sung by Lize Marke and the winner was chosen by a jury consisting of 10 “experts” and 10 members of the public.

1 Als het weer lente is When it’s spring again 317 1st
2 Regenlied Rainsong 277 3rd
3 Een wereld zonder jou A world without you 285 2nd
4 Jij alleen Only you 249 6th
5 Jij bent onmisbaar You are indispensable 266 5th
6 Zoals Just like 270 4th

It was discovered after the final that “Als het weer lente is” had already been performed on TV by Tonia and Henk van Montfoort, but the song was still allowed to go forward to the Eurovision, where it came 15th equal. Lize Marke had previously come 2nd and 4th in the 1963 Belgian Final.


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