The Swiss Final was held on February 6th at the TSI TV Studios in Lugano. If you know how the winner was chosen or have the voting results then please mail

1 Voglio baciarti ancora I want to kiss you again Carla Boni


2 Nous deux The two of us Jo Roland


3 Stop Stop Jo Roland


4 Finalmente Finally Anita Traversi


5 Fermé pour la vie Closed for life Franca di Rienzo


6 L’ingresso nei sogni Entrance into the dreams Anita Traversi


7 Eine kleine melodie A little song Ines Taddio


8 Addio parole d’amore Farewell words of love Carla Boni


9 Nous aurons demain Tomorrow we will have Franca di Rienzo 1st

Franca di Rienzo came 3rd at the Eurovision. Anita Traversi represented Switzerland in 1960.


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