The Swiss Final was held on February 29th at the DRS TV Studios in Basel.

1 Attrap’ça Catch that Fud Leclerc


2 Malcantonesina Malcantonesina Anita Traversi


3 Madrigal Madrigal Jo Roland


4 La java sans tralala The java without tralala Fud Leclerc


5 Frühling Spring Bianco Cavallini


6 E’ stata qui’ She was here Gianni Ferraresi


7 Cielo e terra Heaven and earth Anita Traversi 1st
8 Chin chin Chin chin Fud Leclerc


9 Chérie, chérie Darling, darling Jo Roland


Anita Traversi came 8th equal at the Eurovision. She had previously taken part in the 1956 Swiss Final. Fud Leclerc had already won the 1960 Belgian Final a few weeks earlier, and had previously represented Belgium in 1956 and 1958.

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