The Swiss Final was held on February 22nd in Lausanne. The winner was chosen by the votes of 3 regional juries

1 Ein kleines schiff in einer alten branntweinflasche A small ship in an old bottle of aquavit Jo Roland


2 Marie toi, Marie, Marie toi Marie you, Marie, Marie you Mathé Altéry


3 Irgendwoher From somewhere Christa Williams 1st
4 Adieu Madeleine Farewell Madeleine Jo Roland


5 Die spieldose The music-box Christa Williams &
Jo Roland


6 Fallait pas faire ça Shouldn’t have done that Mathé Altéry


7 Mit küssen fängt die liebe an Love begins with kissing Christa Williams


8 Sire, le roi Sir, the King Jo Roland


9 Mein kleines lied My little song Christa Williams &
Jo Roland


Christa Williams came 4th at the Eurovision.


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