The Swedish Final was held on February 16th in Stockholm, hosted by Sven Lindahl. Each of the songs was performed twice (firstly with a big orchestra, then with a small orchestra) and the winner was chosen by a jury of “experts”, with only the top 3 songs being announced.

1 Vårens flickparad Spring’s girl parade Lars Lönndahl Gunnar Wiklund

2 Hong-Kong-sång Hong-Kong-song Charlie Norman, Roffe
Berg & Hasse Burman
Gerd Söderberg

3 Säg varför Tell me why Anna-Lena Löfgren Ann-Louise Hanson

4 Storstadsmelodi The melody of the big city Gerd Söderberg Charlie Norman, Roffe
Berg & Hasse Burman
5 Rosen och vinden Roses and the wind Per & Ulf Lindqvist Lily Berglund

6 En gång i Stockholm Once in Stockholm Monica Zetterlund Carli Tornehave 1st
7 Se’n igår är vi kära Since yesterday we’re in love Lily Berglund Mona Grain

8 Fröken Eko Miss Echo Tommy Jacobsson Bertil Englund

9 Scheherazade Scheherazade Gunnar Wiklund Tommy Jacobsson

10 Jag är så trött på allt det här I’m so tired of all this Mona Grain Ann-Cathrine Widlund

11 Zum zum zum lilla sommarbi Zum zum zum little summer bee Ann-Louise Hanson Per & Ulf Lindqvist

12 Twist till menuett Twist to minuette Carli Tornehave Lars Lönndahl 3rd

Monica Zetterlund previously came 2nd in the 1962 Swedish Final. At the ESC she was equal 13th.


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