The Swedish Final was held on February 6th at Cirkus in Stockholm, hosted by Jeanette von Heidenstam. Each of the songs was performed twice (firstly with a big orchestra, then with a small orchestra). The winner was chosen by the votes of 4 juries.

1 Spela på regnbågen Play on the rainbow Lars Lönndahl Lily Berglund 71 2nd=
2 Stockholm Stockholm Lily Berglund Lill-Babs 57


3 Vårvinter Spring-winter Lill-Babs Lars Lönndahl 71 2nd=
4 April April April April Siw Malmkvist Gunnar Wicklund 78


5 Vår i hjärtat Spring in the heart Gunnar Wicklund Siw Malmkvist 58


Although Siw Malmkvist won the final, she was not chosen to go forward to the ESC, mainly due to the fact that she couldn’t stop laughing during her performance of “April April”, so she was replaced by Lill-Babs who came 14th at the ESC. Lill-Babs had previously taken part in the semi-final for the 1960 Swedish Final.

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