The Swedish Final was held on February 2nd at Cirkus in Stockholm, hosted by Jeannette von Heidenstam. Each of the songs was performed twice (firstly with a big orchestra, then with a small orchestra) and the winner was chosen by the votes of 4 juries. The voting was only to decide which song would go forward to the ESC, as Siw Malmkvist had already been chosen as the singer. A semi-final had been held to select the 4 finalists.

1 Underbar, så underbar Wonderful, so wonderful Inger Berggren Östen Warnerbring 76


2 Nancy Nancy Nancy Nancy Britt Damberg Mona Grain 56


3 Alla andra får varann All the others get each other Östen Warnerbring Inger Berggren 85


4 Alexander Alexander Mona Grain Britt Damberg 67


Siw Malmkvist came 10th equal at the ESC. She had won the 1959 Swedish Final but didn’t go forward to the Eurovision.


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