The Norwegian Final was held on February 18th at the NRK TV Studios in Oslo, hosted by Odd Grythe. Each of the songs were performed twice – firstly with a small band, and secondly with an orchestra. The winning song was chosen by a jury of 10 people.

1 Mormors spilledåse Grandmother’s music box Laila Dalseth Anita Thallaug 30 5th
2 En gylden Buddha A golden Buddha Per Asplin Jan Høiland 50 3rd
3 Våre skal dagene vaere The days shall be ours Anita Thallaug Inger Jacobsen 43 4th
4 Casablanca Casablanca Jan Høiland Per Asplin 63 2nd
5 Kom sol, kom regn Come sun, come rain Inger Jacobsen Laila Dalseth 65 1st

Inger Jacobsen came 10th equal at the Eurovision. She had previously taken part in the semi-final of the 1960 Norwegian Final.


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