The Danish Final was held on February 12th at the Radiohouse in Copenhagen, hosted by Sejr Volmer-Sørensen. The winning song was chosen by a jury of 4 people, and only the top 3 songs were announced.

1 Alt hvad der er værd at få Everything that’s worth owning Grete Klitgaard &
Gustav Winckler

2 Det første lille kys The first little kiss Grete Klitgaard

3 En gang bli’r det vår Once it will be spring Gustav Winckler

4 Jeg er på vej til dig I am on my way to you Preben Uglebjerg 2nd
5 Latinersangen (Peblinge cha-cha-cha) The Latin song (Peblinge cha-cha-cha) Birthe Wilke & Preben Uglebjerg 3rd
6 Uh – jeg ville ønske jeg var dig Oh – I wish I were you Birthe Wilke 1st

Birthe Wilke came 5th at the Eurovision. She had previously represented Denmark in 1957 along with Gustav Winckler.

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