Swiss National Final 1957

The Swiss Final was held on February 11th in St Moritz. The winning song was chosen by the votes of 4 regional juries.

1 La vie Life Jo Roland


2 L’enfant que j’étais The child I once was Lys Assia 1st
3 Lasciami tranquillo Leave me in peace Gianni Ferraresi


4 Derrière la cathedrale Behind the cathedral Lys Assia


5 Nel mio carnet In my carnet Gianni Ferraresi


6 Bellissima Wonderful Gianni Ferraresi


7 Avec vingt sous With twenty pennies Jo Roland


8 Musst du schon geh’n Do you have to leave already Lys Assia


9 Quand je rêve When I dream Jo Roland


10 Ein trautes lied vom turm herab A beloved song from the tower Lys Assia


11 Ça n’empechera pas Still Lys Assia


Lys came 8th equal at the Eurovision. She had already won the 1956 contest, and taken part in the 1956 German Final.


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