The Italian entries for the ESC were chosen in the San Remo Festival which was held on March 8th & 10th in San Remo, hosted by Fausto Tommei and Maria Teresa Ruta. The songs are presented below in alphabetical order, as the order of presentation is not known.

A/A Title English Artist Rank Points Media
1 Albero caduto Fallen tree Ugo Molinari 7th 76  none-available
2 Amami se vuoi Love me if you want Tonina Torielli 2nd 163  youtube
3 Aprite le finestre Open the windows Franca Raimondi 1st 171  youtube
4 Due teste sul cuscino Two heads on the cushion Ugo Molinari 10th 20  youtube
5 Il bosco innamorato The forest in love Tonina Torielli 6th 77  youtube
6 Il cantico del cielo The sky’s canticle Tonina Torielli 4th 92  youtube
7 La colpa fu… The blame was… Ugo Molinari 5th 88  youtube
8 La vita è un paradiso di bugie Life is a heaven of lies Lucia Gonzales 3rd 153  youtube
9 Musetto Small muzzle Gianni Mazzocchi 8th 41  youtube
10 Nota per nota Note by note Ugo Molinari 9th 24  youtube

Songs that were eliminated before the final evening were:

A/A Title English Artist Rank Media
1 Anima gemella Soul mate Gianni Mazzocchi & Clara Vincenzi  youtube
2 E’ bello It’s nice Luciana Gonzales  youtube
3 Ho detto al sole I told the sun Gianni Mazzocchi  youtube
4 Il trenino del destino Destiny’s small train Franca Raimondi  youtube
5 Il trenino di latta verde The small green tin train Clara Vincenzi  youtube
6 Lucia e Tobia Lucia and Tobia Gianni Mazzocchi & Franca Raimondi youtube
7 Lui e lei Him and her Clara Vincenzi   youtube
8 Parole e musica Words and music Luciana Gonzales   none-available
9 Qualcosa è rimasto Something has remained Tonina Torrielli youtube
10 Sogni d’or Golden dreams Franca Raimondi & Clara Vincenzi youtube
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