Dutch National Final 1958

The Dutch Final was held on February 11th at the AVRO TV Studios in Hilversum, hosted by Tanja Koen. The winner was chosen by postcard voting. 

1 Stewardess Stewardess Greetje Kauffeld 3733 3rd
2 Met elke lach van jou With every smile from you Willy Alberti


3 Een verlicht raam An illuminated window Rita Reys


4 Wiegelied voor Marjolein Lullaby for Marjolein Bruce Low 2350 4th
5 Weet je Do you know Corrie Brokken 4036 2nd
6 Lentedag Spring day Anneke van der Graaf


7 De warmte van je hart The warmth of your heart Rita Reys


8 Marjan Marjan Willy Alberti


9 Een afscheid zonder meer Goodbye without conditions Greetje Kauffeld 1049 5th
10 Neem dat maar aan van mij Take it from me Bruce Low


11 Heel de wereld The whole world Corrie Brokken 8148 1st

Corry Brokken came 9th equal at the Eurovision. She had already represented the Netherlands in 1956 and 1957, winning the Eurovision on the latter occasion.

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