Dutch National Final 1957

The Dutch Final was held on February 3rd at the AVRO TV Studios in Hilversum, hosted by Karin Kraaykamp. The winning song was chosen by postcard voting. 

1 De bromtol Spinning toy Hea Sury



2 Een liedje van niets A song about nothing Hea Sury



3 Havannah is zo ver Havannah is so far away John de Mol



4 Hiep hiep hiep hoera Hip hip hip hurray John de Mol



5 Ik weet nog goed I remember very well Marcel Thielemans 965 4th
6 Iwan Iwan Corrie Brokken 4692 2nd
7 Net als toen Just as before Corrie Brokken 6927 1st
8 Simpe sampe sompe Simpe sampe sompe Marcel Thielemans 2544 3rd

Corry Brokken went on to win the Eurovision. She had already represented the Netherlands in 1956.


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